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Maxos 2.0

Maxo, the owner of a local falafel restaurant, reached out for help with redefining the visual identity and to add personality to the brand and image of the restaurant.

Daily, own-made falafel and hummus is made and served at Maxos - just like it has been done in Palestine's gastronomic Akko for centuries. Maxos is located in the city of Stockholm and offers served dishes, catering, and take away during lunch time.

Maxos is all about food, which is why the concept to focus the visual identity on the colours of the main ingredients of the colourful Middle Eastern cuisine quickly came up. This inspired me to create a unique pattern in the shape of oriental tiles - a unique element that can be found in different contexts, such as the website, menu's, social media, and flyers. Together with the plain black hand-drawn illustrations, the ingredients are emphasized and create a colourful, dynamic, and urban look.

These (among other) brand assets have been applied across different media to create a full and consistent brand experience among the customers. Also, by rethinking the routing, adding more storage space, and advising in wall colours and decoration, a practical and cozy experience is created for the customers and a compact and efficient space for the employees.

Branding, Web design, Interior design + Photography
Maxos Kungsholmen
Stockholm, Sweden

45 m2

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