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Dance Factory

A fictive rebranding project for an established dance school south of Stockholm, founded by a couple of dance lovers and professionals.

Dance Factory is founded by a couple, who realized their dream to open a dance school to share their passion with other dance enthousiasts - anyone from the age of two, no matter their age, dance style, or ambition.

Considering the user experience, the intention of the project was to improve the school’s digital and visual communication, and to develop a cohesive visual identity to enhance brand recognition and strengthen the feeling of belonging among customers, which fits well with the dance school’s mission to create a community.

Tasked with a creative brief I set up, my role as a (future) art director included establishing core values and creating an inspiring vision board, guiding the development of the visual identity. To capture the dance school's essence, key elements as movement, bold expressions, and inclusiveness are included. The colours gold and purple are kept for recognition. In addition, AI-driven imagery is generated to capture a variety of a gender and age-neutral group of dancing people radiating positive vibes, used for social media, event posters, and on the home page.

The look of the new logotype is kept friendly, but is made more responsive and compact in size, adapted for the digital landscape, and an elements of flow is added in the symbol, referring to the dance school's occupation.

Rebranding + Art direction,
assignment for Berghs S.O.C.

Dance Factory

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