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An interior architecture project, helping a couple build their dream home in the marram grass-filled dunes of Ameland.

A couple building their dream home in the dunes of Ameland - one of the five Wadden Sea islands in the north of The Netherlands - reached out for assistance with the interior. They already knew the location and surroundings of the house, what they do not like, and the architecture style in which the house is being built. My role was to fill the space with a nice flow, their personalities, and personal style.

As a result of a personal test we did together, the vision board and core values showed we have to focus on Personality, Simplicity, Nature, and Positivity to make the couple's dream house a home. Since their future house is surrounded by dunes filled with marram grass, I found inspiration in this raw, but tranquil surrounding - the colour, openness, calmness, and abundance of it that you cannot get away from.

With this concept and in close collaboration with the couple, I 
advised in how to set up a practical, unique, and good-looking floor plan for the master bathroom, kitchen, and living area that emphasizes the simple and geometric space(s) and the flow between them. To avoid traditional-looking spaces - with the help of many sketches and dialogues - my mission was to fill the empty pre-fab shell by creating smaller functions within the entire room. This optimizes the use of it, of course, but also divides the different functions clearly, and sets up interesting viewpoints and routes through the house.
Additionally, I assisted in picking out the colours and materials that are used in these spaces to embrace the raw nature outdoors and keep the rooms personal, open, and light for a positive vibe. The rawness is brought indoors by using neutral and light colours, contrast and texture in the materials, and subtle and warm shades of greenery and wooden details that are present in all the spaces to tie them together.

** still in progress **

Interior architecture
Private residence
Ameland, The Netherlands

109 m2 (ground floor)

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