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Karo Pharma

A graphic design project to apply the new trade dress to the packaging of a pharma portfolio.

After Karo Pharma acquired a portfolio of prescription drugs, the next step was to rebrand the product and modernize, harmonize, and adapt the portfolio to Karo Pharma's visual identity, set by the Danish Studio C: clean design and friendly look using rounded coloured shapes and typeface.

During the rebranding, several other details were also considered, such as local regulations (with the help of the regulatory department), good readability, optimizing patients' and pharmacists' user experience, the previous trade dress, and the purpose of the products.

This resulted in a simplistic and well-defined pharma portfolio that is not too formal compared to traditional packaging design, and applied to both the primary and secondary packaging. The white background and black text help with the medicinal impression. However, the colourful and rounded shapes make for a more friendly and playful packaging design by the way they wrap around different panels and interact with other elements. Due to the colours seperating the different brands and clearly indicating the strengths, the design becomes practical as well. Where some brand colours remained the same for recognition among the users, others got improved by choosing a better suiting colour - like changing out a bright red with a more soothing light blue when treating hemorrhoids ;).

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Karo Pharma AB


Project "Karo Pharma" is selected among "The Best Medical & Pharmacy Packaging Designs" by DesignRush, a platform for promoting the best designs.

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