My name is Sabina Dzananovic and I have a bachelor's degree in Spatial Design and Branding from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

My motivation as a designer comes from a personal experience of having to move many times in the past, leading me to adjust my surrounding to myself to create a feeling of home. This personal experience has become my mission to create designs that are in harmony with the client or consumer and able to represent them, them being a company or a private   person.  To  achieve  this,  I  am  curious  and  love  to

experiment with colours and materials to add character to a design and create a unique and trusted atmosphere, in an aesthetic, yet professional way.

I specialize in interior designing and branding because these two fields are very personal and focused around the visitor and/or consumer, which means that it gives me the opportunity to find and create their feeling of home. Also, I prefer to apply neutral colours and natural materials to the designs to achieve this friendly, genuine, unforced, and highly atmospheric experience.

"All images and design lay-outs are created by and for Sabina Dzananovic Design, unless stated otherwise. Please give proper credit for anything you give reference to."

© 2017  Sabina Dzananovic Design, based in Stockholm, Sweden

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