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My name is Sabina Dzananovic, I’m a Stockholm-based multi-disciplinary designer with a creative and curious mind, and a passion for helping others define their identity, them being a company or private person. My motivation comes from a personal experience of having to move and build a home many times in the past, resulting in my fascination for Branding and related expertise.

Over the last decade I have developed a wide skillset in areas such as Branding,
Interior design, Concept development, Graphic design, and Web design.
My design experience comes from a bachelor’s degree in Spatial Design and Branding from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, internships and collaborations with established designers in Stockholm, and courses such as

“Art Direction for Digital Experiences” and “Colour and Light in Interior Design”.

I have also been working freelance for both other companies and individuals.

My design aesthetic can be recognized by the colourful and earthy tones,
graphic and contemporary shapes and lay-outs, and attention to detail, inspired by Scandinavian and Mediterranean vibes.


© 2017-2024 Sabina Džananović Design, Stockholm, Sweden

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