... is about creating an unforced, personal, and positive experience through colourful and thoughtful design, inspired by nature.

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My name is Sabina Dzananovic and I have a bachelor's degree in Spatial Design and Branding from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Currently I am based in Stockholm, where I mainly work with interior design, branding, graphic design, and photography.

I love being creative, in any medium I feel comfortable with, and contribute in a positive and conscious way. My mission is to share the beauty I see and experience around me through my design.

To achieve this, I am not afraid to experiment with colors and materials to add character to the design or dig deep to present a personal concept that is in harmony with the client, the client being a company or a private person.

My work consists of (giving advice about) interior design, setting up colour and material palettes, helping out with styling, offering unique concepts, build brand guides, or create a new visual style or logo for your brand.

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