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Color Natural

Briefed with the task to develop a brand concept to highlight sustainability and the environment, Color Natural was born.

Maybe you have seen rivers in Asia flowing in colours of the latest fashion trends, produced by factories of fast-fashion brands and polluting everything in and around the rivers. Having an interest in fashion myself, I decided to do an extensive research on the fast fashion industry and see how it can be improved. The fast fashion industry being the world's third biggest polluter, is the reason the brand Color Natural brings nature back in fashion. By replacing the chemicals with natural materials and ingredients, and by using the "Dye It Yourself" concept, the consumers will get involved in the process of producing own, personal, unique, and environment-friendly clothes that, hopefully, will last longer too.

The brand provides the consumers with this service in the shop and online, where they can find necessary tools to create their personalized clothing. This consists of season's natural dyes, colour samples, different natural textiles, and "Dye It Yourself" information and techniques. Additionally, I designed a campaign to bring attention to the brand's opening, where consumers were given a blank totem bag and dye with instructions. When the consumer dyed the bag and brought them to the store, they would receive a 10% discount on their first purchase.

During the project I have also done many hands-on test and samples, which I really enjoyed. To give the brand and overall project an extra touch, I also got the opportunity to make my own paper from leftover fabrics that then could be used for booklets, labels, and calendars with the season's ingredients used for dyeing, which also prevents the brand from creating waste themselves.

Branding, Art direction + Concepts
assignment for WdKA Rotterdam


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