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A set of twelve colourful and magical greeting cards, each representing one of the twelve unique zodiac sun signs.

Everyone is unique - so are the twelve zodiac sun signs we know. Astro is a set of twelve colourful and magical postcards - one for each zodiac sign - that you can surprise anyone with. You can gift it to a dear friend, a family member, or even yourself to celebrate one's unique qualities and personality.

Each of the fronts of the cards visualizes a colourful planet, inspired by the celestial body the sign is ruled by, a reflective constellation belonging to it, and the icon of the zodiac. The back of the cards offer blank space for a personal message and teaches you more about the personality and preferences of each zodiac sign.

Beside serving as a beautiful present, the dreamy postcards can also perfectly decorate any space. Place or hang the cards anywhere to add some magic and colour.

Postcards, 120 x 120 mm
Print design

© 2017-2024 Sabina Džananović Design, Stockholm, Sweden

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