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Home Sweet Home

An interior design project for a young couple, with opposite personal styles, moving in to their newly built apartment just outside of Stockholm.

When a young couple for the first time moved in together into a newly built apartment, their main mission was to create a place where both like to spend a lot of time and would feel comfortable and at home. Their personal style and aesthetic are far from the same, yet they have found a common ground that fits both and can focus on as inspiration - spending time outdoors, traveling, being conscious about the environment, and anything related to nature and outer space.

The 3-room apartment has many windows (facing South and West), a relatively high ceiling, and initially a very bare and raw appearance that needed to be transformed into a cozy home.
Where he is drawn to a more modern and rustic look, she visualizes a softer, non-traditional, and more decorative interior. Their common preference is a colourful, light and spacious, inviting, and rather calm interior design.

This has resulted in a combination of clean black lines and soft and tactile materials which complement each other and therefore fit perfectly together. The apartment has a light, neutral, and warm base, but colourful and unique accents that create a personal home. Not to forget the many plants and other references to nature.

Interior design + Styling
Private residence
Tyresö, Sweden

58 m2

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