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... is about creating an unforced, personal, and positive experience through colourful and thoughtful design, inspired by nature.

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My name is Sabina Dzananovic and I love being creative, hands-on, and contribute in a positive and conscious way. My mission is to share the natural beauty I see and experience around me through my conceptual design.


My design experience comes from a bachelor's degree in Spatial Design and Branding from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, internships and collaborations with established designers in Stockholm, courses such as 'Colour and Light in Interior Design', and own experience working freelance for both other companies and private persons.

Currently I am based in Stockholm, where I mainly work with Interior design, Branding, Colour advice, Concept development, Graphic design, and Photography.

My design aesthetic can be recognized by the colourful and earthy tones, graphic and contemporary shapes and lay-outs, and attention to detail, inspired by Scandinavian and Mediterranean vibes.

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