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Wedge Carpet





Assisting with Graphic design

Marie-Louise Hellgren & Asplund Collection

Asplund Collection


Wedge has a unique pattern, inspired by wooden waste material turned into an indigo-coloured floor that Hellgren exhibited at TENT London 2017. Geometric patterns have been a recurring item throughout her design an the Wedge carpet is not an exception. The carpet is hand-tufted in the sustainable Tencel fibre, available in two colours: Indigo shades and neutrals.

"We believe that taking action and contributing to a more sustainable environment is important for each company. We have worked with high quality carpets for many years and are very excited to add this new material to the collection. In the future we aim to work more frequently with Tencel in our carpet collection."

- Sandra Adrian Asplund

Text by Asplund Collection

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