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An application project for a fashion design course with a theme "Time", inviting 10-year old me to do a collaboration with 25-year old me.

Timeless is a fashion concept and collaboration between 10-year old and 25-year old me, presenting garments that could be worn both in 2005 and (now) in 2019, based on old drawings I made back in the day.

My style in 2005 could be described as sporty and girly with bright colours, many accessories, layers, diagonal lines as seen in the old drawings and collages. Nowadays it is about a neutral colour palette, serenity and simplicity, natural materials, yet with an eye for detail, and a touch of femininity.

Light, fresh, casual, natural, and sophisticated is how to describe the new collection. The collaboration resulted in colourful and simple garments with a loose and casual fit and hidden details. Together, the items can be combined to create sporty or girly outfits with several layers, because of the different fabrics and forms.

Concepts + Fashion design,
application project for Beckmans Designhögskola
, theme "Time"

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