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The 20's






Colour advice + Styling

Private residence

Stockholm, Sweden

48 m2


A young couple bought their first apartment in town - a historical building built in 1927 - with many architectural details preserved, such as big windows, high ceilings, crown mouldings, and a beautiful parquet floor. The purpose of the project was to advice the couple in how to embrace the historical essence and combine it with their modern aesthetical preferences from the 20's, this century.


During the test we took beforehand, it became apparent that the charming apartment and the couple have something in common: Art Nouveau. Even though this style peeked a century ago - when the building was built - even today the couple is drawn to the geometrical shapes, brass details, eccentric items, and colourful patterns. However, another assignment was to merge their different personalities and preferences: being outspoken and be able to wind down and recharge after a long and social day.


This resulted in a vision board, visualizing the concept, a mood board, showing the more concrete plans, and a more detailed overview of the colours and materials to be used. It has become a home where outspoken and colourful items have been combined with a neutral and soft base with beige, off-white, and shades of green referring to nature. The interior plan consists of both traditional patterns, architecture, and furniture and industrial materials and more contemporary shapes, such as the black doorknobs in the kitchen and glass room-divider and pendants.

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