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Terracotta Retreat







Private residence

Tyresö, Sweden

11 m2


Terracotta Retreat is a spacious balcony that invites to sit down and relax. It is a continuation of the indoors (project 'Home Sweet Home') for a smooth transition between the two spaces and becomes an extra room for the couple's compact apartment.

The 11 m2 balcony is facing south/west, meaning it has the ideal position to enjoy sunlight from noon to sunset. To enjoy the space longer throughout the year, it has been glassed in to maintain a comfortable temperature and protect from wind. The original flooring of the balcony is concrete and it includes a black metal railing along all three sides.
As visualized on the vision board, a very soothing, young and Mediterranean vibe has been envisioned for this initially bare space: freshness of clear blue water and warmth of terracotta (coloured) details with hints to nature.

This has resulted in a combination of clean black lines - which can be found in the railing, windows, custom-built shelf, and other details - and soft and tactile materials and shapes - such as soft cushions, long semi-transparent curtains, rounded shapes in furniture, and acacia wooden flooring - which complement each other and therefore fit perfectly together.

Due to the rotation of the balcony, the long terracotta-coloured curtains not only bring coziness, but they also protect from the sun and create more privacy. Besides, the colour blends in nicely with the red-ish apartment buildings in the surrounding.

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