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Tadao Ando Loft

A fictive interior architecture project for a single woman, inspired by the vision and design methods of well-known Japanese architect, Tadao Ando.

This modern loft is designed for a single woman in her forties and is based on the vision and design method of the well-known Japanese architect Tadao And, with the Azuma House in Osaka as a reference in particular.

The Tadao Ando Loft has a big bamboo tree in the middle that connects the two floors and has all the facilities located around it. The facilities are connected with a clear routing that creates an experience and interesting views while walking around. The roof consists entirely of glass to provide the loft with sunlight and to create beautiful light-effects on the concrete walls and floors. At the back of the loft a balcony is located for the only direct connection to the outside world and some extra sunlight in that area, which is an important aspect from Ando's style too. Together, these features visualize Tadao Ando's minimalistic, harmonious, playful, and natural identity very clearly.

Interior architecture
assignment for WdKA Rotterdam

Private residence

378 m2, 2 floors

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