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Still Life (Postcards)

A unique set of postcards depicting small inanimate 2D objects and real-life 3D flowers.

With Still Life - named after and inspired by the art genre from the late 16th century, depicting a composition of mostly flowers, fruits, and other small inanimate objects - you bring nature and colour into your home.

Still Life, meant for anyone who appreciates good-looking and functional design, is a unique set of postcards due to the combination of its 2D and 3D properties: a "living 
painting" that can hold real-life flowers and fits in any (corner of a) home because of its simplicity and neutral yet colourful look. It is a perfect gift to give or receive.

The set of six unique postcards resemble vases that are decorative and practical, offer a colour palette that fits anyone's personality and interior at home. At the top of each vase you find an opening to place one or several dried flowers to be displayed. The back of the cards offers empty space for a personal message.

Postcards, 148,5 x 210 mm (A5)
Print design

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