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Stellar Birthday Calendar (A4)




Graphic design

Birthday calendar, A4


An everlasting birthday calendar that not only helps you remember the birthday of your loved ones, you also get to know each friend and family member even better by looking at their stars - their qualities, preferences and personality.

This analogue calendar is divided into twelve zodiac sun signs, starting with Aries. The calendar starts with a short description about the symbolizations of the zodiac, how to read the movements of the planets, and how the signs interact with each other.

Each of the twelve pages has its unique colour combination, inspired by the celestial body the zodiac it is ruled by. Every zodiac has a unique colour combination assigned to it, including the zodiac's symbol and recognizable constellation and its brightest star. On the back you can find a text explaining more about the mythology, facts about the brightest star(s) in the constellation, and other descriptions related to the zodiac sun sign.

Place the colourful and dreamy Stellar Birthday Calendar anywhere in your home where you can easily spot and observe it, and decorate the space at the same time by adding some colour and magic.

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