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Say It With A Flower

A set of nine colourful greeting cards for any occasion, bringing back the art of floriography.

Flowers have served as (secret) messages for centuries, but nowadays many of us do not consider the meaning behind them when given or received. "Say It With A Flower" is a set of 9 unique postcards, each depicting a flower that symbolizes a personal message you can send someone. This way we introduce the art of floriography again in a personal, good-looking, and colourful way.

The cards are for anyone and any occasion and compared to real flowers, these will not wilt if you don't water them. On the back of the cards you have the possibility to add an extra handwritten message for the receiver, who can keep it as a memory or even hang it on the wall to decorate their home.

The postcards come in a foldable box - which opens like a flower - revealing all 9 messages inside, together with a short intro, teaching you more about this art. The chosen background colours in the design help the flowers pop and enforce the message that is being sent. Also, the look of the flowers is kept as realistic as possible, but with an artistic and authentic touch.

Postcards, 120 x 120 mm
Print design

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