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Roll Models

A fictive concept for a digital campaign to teach young teens in Sweden about bicycle safety rules for a safer and more enjoyable biking experience.

Bicycling is on the rise and many Swedish municipalities are investing in campaigns and better infrastructure for bicyclists. However, a brief survey I conducted shows that the bicycle safety rules are not always clear, which can cause confusion, discomfort, frustration, and potentially an accident. So, how does that translate to a campaign?

Picture this: fluffy kittens, playful puppies, and tiny bunnies riding their bicycles, teaching about 
responsible riding, making every cute animal a safety advocate.
Roll Models is a TikTok journey where cute AI-generated baby animals bicycle, turning every pedal into a lesson about safety rules to teens (10 to 15 years old) in Sweden. The campaign captures young teens' attention through cuteness, silliness, and unexpectedness in typical teenage scenarios, making it both fun and memorable. Concise, explanatory text in each video merges the adorable imagery with knowledge, creating a more easily digestible and enjoyable learning experience for a safer and more joyful cycling future.

Paid content and posters hanging in schools will help raise awareness around the campaign. Other opportunities for the campaign are offering 'Bicycle Safety Diplomas', merchandise, adapting the content to holidays and events throughout the year, and photos of follower's pets to create new content and build engagement.

Art direction + Concepts,
assignment for Berghs S.O.C.

Tyresö Kommun

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