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Paradox Interactive

An interior architecture project for a game company, located in Stockholm, who was in need of an awesome office for their employees.

Paradox Interactive is a creator of grand strategy computer games for gamers all over the world. To make their passion for gaming visible, the idea was to merge different scenes and characters from their games into the interior design of the head quarters. To make this possible, subtle messages, graphic designs, shapes, images, and furniture are used to create the unique images of Paradox Interactive.

My role during this project included doing extensive research about the company and their competition, building models in 3D software, and assisting with styling, coming up with varies concepts for different spaces, and searching for fun and fitting furniture and products.

Interior architecture,
during internship

Anki Gneib Design
Paradox Interactive
Stockholm, Sweden

3.312 m2, 3 floors

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