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No Time to be Wasted








Exhibition design, Graphic design & Colour advice

HearteartH Production

Louise Billgert

Stureplan, Stockholm, Sweden

200 m2


The "No Time to be Wasted" exhibition is an 200 m2 area filled with unique circular design, located in the busy centre of town, Stureplan. The intention of the exhibition is to touch, inspire, and plant a seed for a more circular future - from our Heart to the Earth! The exhibition consists of naturally dyed furniture, flooring, paper and textiles, DJ music, film happenings, handcrafted paint, ecological drinks, environment-friendly and innovative materials, and much more.

To realize this exhibition, HearteartH Production has collaborated with many great companies and brands that, just like we do, believe in a more circular lifestyle, design, and future: Scandiwall, StolAB, Artex, R.P., Spendrups, Färgbygge, Jollygoodfellow, and Material Biblioteket.

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