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Graphic design + Photography

Maxos Kungsholmen

Stockholm, Sweden


Daily, own-made falafel and hummus is made and served at Maxos - just like it has been done in Palestine's gastronomic Akko for centuries. Maxos is located in the city of Stockholm and offers served dishes, catering, and take away, during both lunch and dinner time.

The growing fast food restaurant was in search for an update in the communication of their vision and visual identity. to be able to share their story with the people.

The restaurant's visual identity is a combination of the urban lifestyle and inspiration from the tasty Middle Eastern food, which resulted in a simple and clear design, but with colourful and organic details.

The visual identity is applied in Maxos' marketing material, such as flyers, menus, signs, and social media content to match the interior that is updated as well.

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