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His and Hers

Two identical custom-built objects forming one table that is practical, adjustable, and fits perfectly in the surrounding.

A custom-built coffee table that allows for her and him to adjust the placement to their needs when being in the sofa, without the furniture feeling messy or taking too much space in the room.

By building two identical pieces that together for one table - one for her and one for him - it gives diversity and is user-friendly. The set of tables is a minimalistic and sleek looking object on its own, but, at the same time, becomes part of the interior as a whole.

Solid oak and ash have been chosen for a sturdy and neutral look. The shapes form a playful and practical composition, and the rounded corners give not only a friendly look and feel, but also connect nicely with other rounded shapes in the interior while complementing the straight lines well.

Coffee table(s)
Furniture design


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