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Briefed with the task to help the owner, with roots in Egypt, define the visual identity of her beauty salon, and apply it to the marketing material and social media.

Summer of 2018 is when the hair and beauty salon, Esmé, opened the doors for her young customers. The salon is a social and cozy place where you have the feeling of being on holiday while getting your hair and nails done, for example.

We started the journey with a personal test, which resulted in a vision board and the core values unique, glamorous, simple, social, and chique. Based on this, I built a colourful and glamorous look, mixed with oriental and contemporary designs and elements. This means a lot of golden details against a light and natural background, images of palm trees and other exotic plants, and a sandy and neutral colour palette. All these aspects have been merged into the business cards, flyers, price list, stickers, and social media content.

Esme Hair & Beauty

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