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Cypressvägen 1






Interior architecture

Private residence

Tyresö, Sweden

425 m2, 4 floors


This residence project is for a Swedish family that lives just outside of Stockholm surrounded by nature. The concept of their home is based on an extensive research about Swedish culture, traditions, design, and every day life to make the family feel at home.

The fireplace on the ground floor symbolizes the heart of the house to bring family and friends together. The routing and the grains of the wooden floor that subtly form circles around the chimney emphasize this and create more privacy the further away you go from it. Also the shapes of the house have a big influence on the active and passive behaviour: being in the basement or under the pointy roof you feel more privacy and intimacy, while the ground floor is very spacious and surrounded by big windows and openings to remove the border between inside and outside to enjoy the nature and sacred sunlight.

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