Cypressvägen 1

Cypressvägen 1 is about a residence project for a Swedish family that lives just outside of Stockholm, surrounded by nature. The inspiration is based on the the family's Swedish heritage with a lot of traditions and a strong culture. The goal was to enlarge these elements to make the family feel at home: bring the family together, but also create places to be alone and to merge inside and outside to enjoy the nature around the house.

The form of the house has a big influence on the active and passive behavior of the users: the house is partly underground and by horizontally cutting the walls, with paint, the surrounded feeling gets enlarged. The ground floor is a very spacious and public place with big windows and a connection to the outside. By using a red-brownisch color a homely and an active mood is created because of the contrast with the green surrounding. The upper floors have a more intimate, safe and peaceful feeling, because of the pointy roof, marked by a dark green and soft material applied on the ceiling, that has an influence on the senses touch and hearing.

The fire place on the ground floor symbolizes the heart of the house to bring family and friends together. It is emphasized by the routing made with the contrast of the texture of marble and the grains of the wood that subtly form circles around the chimney.

Nature and sunlight are very valuable because of the big differences in seasons in Scandinavia. To enjoy these two more, during any season, the border between inside and outside are removed by continuing the wooden floor from the one to the other.

All the design elements together make life easier so there will be time left to enjoy the quality of the surrounding, the activity or life in general.

Project: Interior Design

Client: fam. Sörberg

Location: Tyresö

Year: 2016

Space: 424,15 m2, 4 floors

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