Apartment in the center of Stockholm and home to a young family of four. Busy lives and passion for cooking. The owners have an own visual style, but wanted and needed to 'perfect' / 'clean up' their existing interior, into a calmer, not messy, and more functional and practical design that flows well with their lives.

By replacing different existing furniture by custom-designed furniture, the interior suddenly offered more space, a simpler look, a calmer atmosphere, and a style that is more customized to their needs and desires. Also by blending in the furniture through colour, the apartment appeared more spacious afterwards - like using same type of wood and the green/grey colour on the walls and kitchen.

The owners wished for a new design for the entrance with more storage space and practical and child-proof lay-out for a the family. Also the living area needed cleaning up and the kitchen too: new tv-furniture that doesn't only hide all the stuff, but also itself by blending in with the wall behind. The kitchen needed work on a few details, like the kick-list, covering up the fridge and by adding a bartop, now this part of the kitchen could be used as well by the kids when helping out their parents in the kitchen with cooking and baking.






Project: Interior Design

Collaboration: Jon Eliason Design

Client: Private

Location: Södermalm, Stockholm

Year: 2018

Space: ... m3

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