Com Hem Sample Box

Com Hem AB, a Swedish provider of telecommunication services, such as cable TV, broadband internet, and telephone, has recently introduced a new and improved version of their company, including a fitting look and promising new core values: contemporary, captivating, competent, including, and authentic.

These core values have led to a design manual, in the form of a sample box, that will be used for future interior designs, exhibition designs and product designs that the company will offer to its customers and visitors.

The box is designed to carry all the different high quality material samples and give the space to compare and take a good look at them as well. Thanks to the simple, but elegant design and the neutral grey colour, the attention is more focused on the different materials, individually and together in different combinations.

The samples consist of separate 7x7 cm squares for a comfortable hold and to be able to "play" with them easily. Besides, the chosen format offers enough content to communicate their purposes, since that is what they are meant for in first place.


Project: Branding & Product design

Collaboration: Jon Eliason Design Studio

Client: Com Hem AB

Year: 2017

"All images and design lay-outs are created by and for Sabina Dzananovic Design, unless stated otherwise. Please give proper credit for anything you give reference to."

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