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The FruitExpress

CBP Frames

The CBP frames stand for Copenhagen, Berlin and Prague, and are designed to hostage a pop-up shop that is traveling between these three cities by train and are therefore located at the central stations.

For every city an own frame is designed, based on the architecture, design and identity of this particular city.

Copenhagen stands for Danish Design which is known all over the world for its simplicity and clean and fluent lines. It is very important to use beautiful materials rather than using decoration. This is why this frame consists of a good quality woof to also refer to the craftsmanship in Denmark.

The shape of the frame comes from the traditional house-shape, which seems to be very popular in Copenhagen. It is simple, clear and iconic.

Sabina Dzananovic

The frame in Berlin consists of several lines crossing each other to refer to the irregular and geometric shapes in the architecture in Berlin, made of high-quality German steel.

Nicoletta Santini

Prague is known for its crystals and has the nickname 'The Golden City'. These two elements are mixed and used for the outcome of the frame in Prague. The frame is made of steel with a golden look and is a construction to insert the crystals.

Maria van Zwieten

Project: Spatial Design

Collaboration: Maria van Zwieten & Nicoletta Santini

Year: 2014

Locations: Copenhagen, Berlin & Prague

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CBP Frames

The FruitExpress is about fruit and only fruit! It is a train-traveling shop that provides people with delicious salads and smoothies in different cities in Europe: Copenhagen, Berlin and Prague.

With the do-it-yourself concept you are able to create your own healthy and colorful salad and smoothie and enjoy it while waiting for your train.

The fruit will not only be used for the smoothies and the salads, but also for the branding of The FruitExpress. Fruit-textile with the logo of the shop will be hung in front of the glass of the exterior of the shop. This textile is eatable and will be sold at the end of every week before The FruitExpress leaves to the next destination.

Project: Spatial Design & Branding

Year: 2014

The FruitExpress

For almost 60 years Playboy is a classy lifestyle magazine featuring political, sexual and economic freedom, and, of course, a monthly Playmate centerfold.

Although glamorous bachelors and attractive women never go out of style, the magazine is heavily competed out.

Playboy needs to grow up.

"The world is full of boys, be a man"

Our mission was to create a community with people who share the same idea that interaction between men and women should be based on passion, attainability and loyalty. To reach our mission, the brand needed to be updated and repositioned to regain the reputation it deserves.

Instead of stepping up the 'excitement-level', we decided to take a step back and change the man in a gentleman again.

To visualize this new imagine the famous bunny got replaced by a deer: Gentle, sensitive, intuitive, able to move through life and obstacles with grace and being in touch with life's mysteries.

Project: Concept Developing & Branding

Collaboration: Rick Gerrits, Niermala Timmers, John Goldbronn and Danielle Pennock

Year: 2014


The project of the apartment at Schiehavenkade in Rotterdam all started with a turquoise-colored carpet in the living area. The owners of the apartment - located near the harbor - have an own clear vision on how the interior should look like. The one thing that was missing, was a feeling of being home and a unity between all the different areas.

The basis of the apartment, all the concrete elements and installations at the ceiling, fit perfectly with the industrial and vintage style of the owners. This style continues in the view, which is the skyline of Rotterdam on one side and at the other side one of the world's biggest harbors.

By avoiding white and instead using a soft and neutral palet and only a certain amount of materials, the industrial look becomes less cold and more atmospheric for this 'homely' feeling. This is a great new basis to be filled with different colors and industrial and vintage furniture.

Because the same palet is used throughout the whole apartment, the different areas and their functions are linked together, but also create a more clear and peaceful environment.

To still be able to separate the different functions, the 'spaces' are marked in a subtle way. Like colors on wall or different colors or carpets on the ground. But also curtains and doors, that are easy to move for a more flexible function and routing.

To choose the furniture I advised the owners to use a lighter color for bigger and massive surfaces to blend in with the environment and darker colors/materials for smaller and thinner objects and accessories for some contrast and details in the interior. Besides by using bigger furniture and objects instead of more and smaller ones, the space will look bigger and more spacious and not messy.

Project: Interior Design

Client: Private

Location: Rotterdam

Year: 2016

Space: ... m2, 1 floor


These are some of the sketches that are made for practicing to make a clear image in just a few steps. Besides that the intention is also to experiments a lot with different drawing techniques, materials and shapes to learn about the rules of depth, shadow and form and to make a very interesting drawing to look at.

Project: Sketching

Year: 2012 / 2013

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Sand and its translucency

Sand is free and everywhere, but what fascinates me most, is the space that is created between the grains when the wind blows them away. Sand is moldable in every shape, but to keep it in its form it needs a hardener. To still be able to see the different kind of translucency the material

creates, I prefer a transparent hardener. The images show several experiments with sand and resin. A product-proposal, with the properties of this material, could be an object that blocks the view by the grains, but is able to let light through for a beautiful effect.

Project: Material research & Product design

Location: Bergen aan Zee

Year: 2014

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Sand and its translucency

Sand and its translucency

The SandVisor is the result of previous experiments with sand from Bergen aan Zee and a transparent hardener, resin. The property of the sand grains is blocking the sunlight, while the transparent hardener creates a beautiful light effect from beneath. To be able to shape this mixture into a retro sun visor, instead of resin, transparent rubber is used.

Since the product is made of a local material, the cap can serve as a souvenir from Bergen aan Zee and be really used by the buyer.

Project: Product design

Year: 2014

Location: Bergen aan Zee

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