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Colour advice, Light plan

+ Graphic design

Lisen Bergström & Pernilla Larding

Hotel Bentleys

Stockholm, Sweden


Hotel Bentleys is like a home in the middle of town, thanks to its comfort and an interior that is both beautiful and soothing - it gives you the best of both: a day full of activities outdoors and the possibility to relax and recharge indoors.

The building in which the hotel is located dates back to 1905 and has typical Art Nouveau designs in every corner. This style is inspired by nature and  has many botanical details and muted colours. The owner, who originates from Lebanon, has an aesthetic preference from the Middle-East, which blends very nicely with the Art Nouveau style. To combine these two, we focused on the things they have in common: organic shapes, decorative details and patterns, and a sophisticated and soothing colour palette.

Therefore, we propose blue, green, pink and cream hues, a colour palette that is refined but toned down, in combination with golden details. In addition, patterns based on plants and other organic shapes make for a richer look and different fabrics layered create a cozy atmosphere.

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