These aspects are also seen in my design. The apartment has a big bamboo tree in the middle that connects the two floors and has all the facilities located around it.

There are no windows in the walls, but instead the whole roof consists of glass to provide the apartment with sunlight and to create beautiful light-effects on the walls.

On the lower floor at the back of the apartment a balcony is located for the only direct connection to the outside world and for some extra light in that area.

All the different facilities are connected with a clear routing that create an experience and interesting views while walking around, which is an important issue for Ando too. This route is created around the tree in the middle, by the different stairs and the platform that connects them.


Project: Interior Architecture

Client: Single woman

Space: 378 m3, 2 floors

Year: 2013

Tadao Ando loft

This loft apartment is designed for a single woman in her forties, based on the vision and design method of the well-known Japanese architect, Tadao Ando. Researching well-known architects is a great way to broaden your knowledge and develop your own identity.

For an own design the Azuma House in Osaka is used as a reference, since this project is one of the first in Ando's career and visualizes his identity very well.

This visual identity is very minimalistic, mixed with the old traditional Japanese way of building and always constructed with concrete, characterized by the holes that are formed during the process of making the material. The architect also tends to play with (sun)light-effects and to merge nature-based aspects in his designs to decrease the distance between inside and outside.

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